Pictar Pro / Pictar Pro Charge Smartphone Camera Grip

Pictar Pro / Pictar Pro Charge Smartphone Camera Grip

The world of photography has been dramatically transformed by the rise of smartphones, offering high quality images with unparalleled availability. But while our phones come in sophisticated, slim and slick designs, it’s these designs that make them challenging to hold, deeming their stability suboptimal in comparison to that of a DSLR camera. Unlike phones, that are mainly designed to take calls or allow screen time, the DSLR camera has a carefully customized ergonomic structure, as well as full control of all photography elements through external buttons, switches and wheels. To bridge the gap between both worlds – old and new, DSLR and smartphone – we developed the Pictar Pro, combining your phone’s advanced technology with a smart metal grip, mimicking the classic grip of the classic camera we all love. Pictar Pro is brass built, designed to allow a firm and secured grip of your phone and give you full external control over all photo elements through large metal buttons. It is supported by an app with professional features and is powered by an ultrasonic wave connection. Just like a traditional camera, Pictar Pro is compatible with external photography attachments like lighting tools, tripods and mics, and even comes with a detachable viewfinder, so you can watch your screen vividly, even in the brightest of light conditions.  

Ergonomic satin-finish brass body. The look and feel of a classic camera! 

We really went all out with designing the Pictar Pro body. Its lightweight yet sturdy brass body has a stain finish, just like an old school DSLR. With the exact right amount of holding surface and a high quality “Shark-skin” slip-free rubber grip, Pictar Pro gives you the stability you need to get a strong and steady shot, even when using only one hand. The spring loaded multi-fit clamp fits any size phone, small or large.  

Full control at your fingertips! Control your phone’s camera with external buttons 

No camera is considered a “real” camera without external, accessible, easy-to-use controls. Pictar Pro offers no less than four of those: Multi-state shutter release button (including half-press focus & exposure lock), Rocker Zoom Switch (for zoom smoothness and precision) that also switches between front and rear cameras, Exposure Compensation Wheel (for full light control) and the Smart Wheel (for selecting the right camera mode for each particular scenario). All button functions (excluding the shutter release button) are customizable. 

Detachable viewfinder for a clear screen view - even in bright conditions

During research and development of the Pictar Pro, we had a chance to speak to many a mobile photographer. We found that mobile photographers find it difficult to see their frame through their screen, especially on a bright day. That’s why we created the Pictar Viewfinder, a revolutionary, unique gadget that always gives you a crisp view of your screen. Simply attach the viewfinder to the designated slot that’s on the back of the grip, the Pictar app will instantly recognize the connection and reduce the image shown on the screen to viewfinder size. The viewfinder lens enables clear vision, even on the sunniest day. Once you connect it to your grip - you won’t know how you ever shot without it! 

Pictar App – Unleash your creativity

The Pictar app fuels the entire Pictar system by filling 2 main functions:

Full control over the phone’s camera. The Pictar app offers a wide array of pro features, for maximum control over all photographic elements, such as manual, shutter and ISO priority modes, exposure compensation, Tiff and RAW formats, histogram, grid and level indicators, split focus, exposure points and much more.

Instant wireless connection that also saves your battery. Enjoy instant pairing between the grip and your mobile device, thanks to Pictar’s ultrasonic connection. Forget about Bluetooth, the next generation of wireless connectivity uses high voice frequency to transmit information between the control panel and the phone and reduces drain on your phone's battery.

Easily connects to additional gadgets 

A really good shot may require the use of tools and accessories, like a tripod or external lighting. Pictar Pro allows the creative photographer a steady connection of professional photography add-ons. For example, the tripod socket at the bottom of the grip connects to any tripod with a ¼” 20 screw. The cold shoe mount works with professional lighting accessories, mics and more. The partially open built of the Pictar Pro enables the possibility of using quality lenses, like the Pictar telephoto 60mm, the Pictar 18mm and the Pictar 16mm+macro dual lens.  

Qi wireless charging - extra juice for your phone’s battery 

Never stop shooting just because your battery ran out! Pictar Pro includes Qi wireless charging, allowing any Qi-compatible phone to be charged by a built-in, rechargable battery. Simultanously pressing both controls at the top of the grip will kick off charging. An additional press will seize it. This system is only available in the Pro Charge model.  brought to you by

$ 140.00