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Why Coco Natura?

Not all coconut sugars are the same. Factors such as the variety of coconut tree, sap quality, and processing methods  will impact taste, consistency, and even the glycemic index of the end product. 

  • Our coconut trees come  from Southern Philippines, recognized by many in the industry for its high quality coconuts
  • We are the original pioneers to perfect and commercialize the production of coconut sugar in the Philippines
  • Unlike consolidators that buy from many smaller farms, each with varying quality controls in place, we own our coconut plantations and employ centralized processing to ensure consistent quality and food safety controls
  • We test our sugar regularly using globally accredited testing labs
  • We do not adulterate or blend our coconut sugar with additives or other sugars. Our sugar is made only from 100% freshly harvested, organically grown coconut sap

    We are the Distributor / Importer for Coco Natura products in the United States. Coco Natura is the leading manufacturer of the highest quality coconut sugar products in the Philippines.  We will provide you the highest quality of customer care.

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